Sunday, April 28, 2013

C4K: Post #3

Kelsi D of Mr. Boylen's Class

It helps you to be more social. If you are a troll who stays in your room all the time then you need to socialize on kidblog.

It helps you to be more social. Some people will probably benefit from meeting new people because they will actually put in some effort. Meeting new people will help you experience new cultures and different schools.

However if you are someone who doesn’t like to meet new people or you don’t take things seriously then kidblog probably isn’t a good thing for you. I think you have to actually try and mean the things you say for it to be affected. Meeting new people is great, but you have to want to.

I think it is worth the time, because if you get a conversation going you might be able to gain a new friend. This could help you with real life socializing skills. Kidblog is good, only if you make it good.

Hello, Kelsi! I, too, have to agree with your assessment. This concept applies to many aspects of your life, right? Doing a sport, finishing homework, applying yourself in school. It's all as easy or as hard as you make it with the attitude you present. Stay positive, and stay cool, Kelsi.

Alice Wise, University of South Alabama

Erick of Mr. Chamberlain's Class

Mr. Chamberlain didn’t go to a education convention, instead he was athome for the week. he never came back to school until on the last day of school he came he said he got fired and that he was saying good bye me and the other student never saw Mr. Chamberlain ever again

Hey, Erick! I’m a student from the University of South Alabama. I’m wondering, is Mr. Chamberlain your teacher? It’s would be very strange of him to not show up until the last day, but I hope this is not the case. Also, remember to use punctuation and capitalization. I can tell you are a really good writer, so use your talents to get better! Great post.

Libby's Latest News of Mr. Leopold's Class

Hi, today I am going to be talking about the Buddy system.
The buddies system is a program that Grades 5/6 prep and 1 or 2 students participate. Grades 5/6 student have to care for their buddies as thought that the were their siblings.
I am sharing a buddy with Emma in my grade and our buddies name is Elyssa.
Every Tuesday the Grade five spend quality time with their buddies. Emma and I love our buddy, Elyssa.
Our buddies grade is 1KR Mrs Rudland’s grade.
Sorry such a short post

Do you have a buddy?
Do you have a sibling?
If you do have a buddy whats their names and grade

Hey, Libby! I’m a student from the University of South Alabama! I loved your post and am happy you like your buddy Elyssa! I know an Elyssa and she’s a very nice friend too. I do not have a buddy, but I do have siblings. I’m the youngest of all my siblings, but because we’re grown up, we don’t see each other every day like you and your buddy (or sibling). Anyways, have a great rest of the year, and keep up the great work!


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