Sunday, April 28, 2013

Final Update: PLN

My PLN has been doing great. I feel like this semester has put me in contact with a good amount of technology that I would use for my classroom. I still feel like there should be an upgrade for mathematics' technology, but I feel like I'm apart of that change and hope to continue to be for years to come. I've really enjoyed the contacts the most. They're helping me narrow in on my teaching style with my PLN, and I'm happy we're connected.

Blog Post #14

This post was about the article Teacher Knows if You Have Done the E-Reading. It talks about what technology is advancing towards in the textbook analyzing field. With e-reading, students are able to carry several textbooks in a laptop or iPad, and when students are studying e-reading will record what students have done in terms of reading, highlighting, and digital note taking. E-reading reports what each student is doing and keeps a record for the professor. The professor can then analyze each students performance against their test scores and ask them to look into changing their study habits. Some admit to doing poorly in studying, but others are doing well despite not logging in hours. In addition, some worry that this intrusive technology is giving a negative image to the students (once again, despite their excellent scores). 

As a teacher, I would have mixed feelings about this new technology. I'm not against growth and learning, but as the article describes, how do I scold a student that's doing well and understanding material in class without opening his e-book? As a teacher, I would understand that this could be something to change some student's minds about how they learn and impact their long-term educational performance, but in five years or so, I would only catch one handful of students in this problem. Lastly, I fear for students who don't know how to use it. This is forced change and compliance, which seems a little sadistic. In the end, I would probably reject this intrusive technology, but I wouldn't mind giving it a earnest try.

As a student, I would feel very offended "Big Brother" was watching me day and night. It seems that there would be follow-up to this technology that could seep into more places, and this is just the start. I've had e-book. I had them in Nursing School, and they were horrible. If you couldn't attend the one seminar they had about using e-books, you were forced to struggle the rest of your two years with the program. I understand it's benefits, as they are very clear, but the invasion of my study habits used mostly against me, gives me grief. 

My questions to the teacher running this program are:
  • Statistically, of all your troubled students, how many were you able to turn around?
  • Did this turn around include more use of their e-reader?
  • Do you think your lectures provide too much information?
    • If this is the case, what would you fill your class time with?
    • Does this make your job more of a monitor rather than an educator?
  • Statistically, of all your academically sound students, how many did you show their e-reader's analysis?
    • Did this impact their study habits and raise their scores any more significantly?
My questions to the students in this program are:
  • Do you feel a significant change? Enough to where you're happy that the program should continue?
  • Has this helped or hurt your relationship with the professor?
    • In what way?
Lastly, I would comment about invasion. The government feels like they can push us around and control us to the tee, but we often forget: we are the majority. Not to put the paranoia into readers everywhere, but they already monitor your Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs. They control much of what you don't see, and this is another in to your private life. Your habits are exposed and they'll soon be aware of what you eat for breakfast (oh wait, too late). This is another realm of invasion that we should consider not implementing. I feel like if we do, we'll lose the creativity that made our nation so great, and instead, enforce conformity. It's not my wish to do so, and I'm hoping it's not the wish of my future educators and colleagues.

C4T #4

Sara: 5th Grade Math Teacher

Post #1:
Sara posted a very lengthy summary of her growth as a teacher. She talked about how she struggled with herself as a teacher when she developed a year-long project that wasn't necessarily going as she planned. The phases of grief seemed to appear, because in a way, she gave birth to this idea and it was dying right in front of her. That's when she consulted "the doctors" who gave her ideas and advice. In this instance, it was her class and several seminar speakers that lead her to grow as an educator. She knew she had tweaked her plan left and right to re-introduce her project to the class. She said that by the end of all the tweaking, she found herself more open and flexible than ever, and she loved herself for that. The project set sail and fared the seas so well, she decided to keep it in the end!

I loved this post because it talks about perseverance and going with your gut even if your not sure where your gut is taking you to. Change is a hard thing to over come and even harder when you're having to do so over a lengthy period of time. As a wise professor once told me "When I'm doing research, sometime I'll go a couple of years without any progress. Do I give up? No. It's about the journey to get to the answer that's important." I know that many of us (fresh out the gates) will flop and fumble, because we're experiencing change, but I think it's important to remember: it will get better.

Post #2:
A newer post was unavailable for my viewing, so I picked the next most recent post which went over the above's project's progress. When she attended the seminar (also the same as above), she was given the below paperwork which helped her to align what she really wanted for her year-long project:
As one can see, she has this sheet that she hands out at the beginning of every class. These tiers represent the different areas of the classroom in which she has groups rotate to. This isn't necessarily always the same activities, but there is a consistency to location and what she wants them to fill out on the sheet. She's included all of the activities she rotates in and out, including: Bistrips, computerized learning, one-on-four learning etc. By the end of it, she had redone the above worksheet and organized her selection of activities.

I enjoyed reading all the technology that was incorporated. I also think this educator is one of the better kinds. I find that most teachers are very "stuck in the mud" and are unwilling to see faults in their growths. I don't think they hate change, but rather don't know where to go because they lack ideas. Sara has ideas oozing out her ears and she's unafraid to use them. Go, Sara!

C4K: Post #3

Kelsi D of Mr. Boylen's Class

It helps you to be more social. If you are a troll who stays in your room all the time then you need to socialize on kidblog.

It helps you to be more social. Some people will probably benefit from meeting new people because they will actually put in some effort. Meeting new people will help you experience new cultures and different schools.

However if you are someone who doesn’t like to meet new people or you don’t take things seriously then kidblog probably isn’t a good thing for you. I think you have to actually try and mean the things you say for it to be affected. Meeting new people is great, but you have to want to.

I think it is worth the time, because if you get a conversation going you might be able to gain a new friend. This could help you with real life socializing skills. Kidblog is good, only if you make it good.

Hello, Kelsi! I, too, have to agree with your assessment. This concept applies to many aspects of your life, right? Doing a sport, finishing homework, applying yourself in school. It's all as easy or as hard as you make it with the attitude you present. Stay positive, and stay cool, Kelsi.

Alice Wise, University of South Alabama

Erick of Mr. Chamberlain's Class

Mr. Chamberlain didn’t go to a education convention, instead he was athome for the week. he never came back to school until on the last day of school he came he said he got fired and that he was saying good bye me and the other student never saw Mr. Chamberlain ever again

Hey, Erick! I’m a student from the University of South Alabama. I’m wondering, is Mr. Chamberlain your teacher? It’s would be very strange of him to not show up until the last day, but I hope this is not the case. Also, remember to use punctuation and capitalization. I can tell you are a really good writer, so use your talents to get better! Great post.

Libby's Latest News of Mr. Leopold's Class

Hi, today I am going to be talking about the Buddy system.
The buddies system is a program that Grades 5/6 prep and 1 or 2 students participate. Grades 5/6 student have to care for their buddies as thought that the were their siblings.
I am sharing a buddy with Emma in my grade and our buddies name is Elyssa.
Every Tuesday the Grade five spend quality time with their buddies. Emma and I love our buddy, Elyssa.
Our buddies grade is 1KR Mrs Rudland’s grade.
Sorry such a short post

Do you have a buddy?
Do you have a sibling?
If you do have a buddy whats their names and grade

Hey, Libby! I’m a student from the University of South Alabama! I loved your post and am happy you like your buddy Elyssa! I know an Elyssa and she’s a very nice friend too. I do not have a buddy, but I do have siblings. I’m the youngest of all my siblings, but because we’re grown up, we don’t see each other every day like you and your buddy (or sibling). Anyways, have a great rest of the year, and keep up the great work!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Final Project Progress Report

I think our project has a good bit of potential. We've chosen to make a movie together involving the "ins and outs" of EDM 310. I'm not currently working on the script, because we've designated that job to my other group members, but I'll be doing all the editing for our movie. We'll film it next week and hopefully I'll get my hands on the raw material and give it a good scrubbing, final review, and publish it!

Blog Post #13

Ted Talks: Brian Crosby

I moderately enjoyed this video of Mr. Crosby talking about the projects and expansion of learning he and his class have done. It was fairly creative to use blogging and other technology to promote the children's self-awareness, expand vocabulary, and set themselves apart as active learners. I think the most interesting part was that I felt compelled to be an active learner with these inventive science projects! If that is the case with a twenty-something year old who's in college, what's to say it wouldn't interest any ages below my own? In other words,  it's universally meant to promote an active learner. Nice job, Mr. Crosby!

Paul Anderson did a post along the same line as Brian Crosby in the sense that they both are re-thinking the flipped classroom, which means they technologically advance their classrooms. He expands on material of his chosen profession (science) and talks about how the flip has applied to his classroom.

In my opinion, this isn't anything new or exciting. This (with the exception of video and computerized testing) has been around for a long time. I'm not just ho-humming on Mr. Anderson, because I know he's on TedTalks and I've seen his videos, but there wasn't enough of a significant change, in my opinion. He's got them on computers looking into questions, reading, and taking quizzes, but I think it turned out to be a little less engaging (by that I mean getting them up and experiencing science the way he experiences learning when he's going on trips etc. didn't happen) 

"Qu.I.V.E.R.S" has been around in some shape or form for a little while, but hey, one small change in his program might be the biggest change in someone's learning experience.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Blog Post #12

Dan Meyer: Math With New Perspective

Watch the video below and write a paragraph of your reactions. Include your perspective on how little or how greatly this inventive way might help future math students and consider the different thought processes that come out when working within his criteria.

Next, click visit his blog (here) and find three interesting posts to write about using the guidelines below:

  1. Technology Shaping Math Educators
  2. Classroom Management
  3. Math Assignments 
Write substantial paragraphs for all topics and end with a reflection completing the sentence:
"If I could suggest something to my math teacher, I would suggest..."

Lastly, here's a video just for your entertainment.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blog Post #11

I was asked to watch a couple of videos (one being the ways a teacher uses technology in her classroom and one being a recorded webcast between EDM 310 and a technology literate teacher).

I found both of these videos interesting, but neither really deal with math specific ideas. The Nintendo DS is a great way for children to play brain teasers, but what about the students who aren't in elementary school? Do they lose out on this technology? Assuming they do, are we upgrading them to on the board brain teasers(which is already a common practice among secondary math educators)? Assuming they don't, are we down grading them to an elementary level's learning curve and dousing their ambitions to cross over into adulthood and adulthood learning methods? Certainly. I'm constantly weary that my kids (of secondary education) will often have the glazed looks of depression when they sit in my classroom, but what can I do? Not only do they have to grow up in my class, but they have to leave behind the better parts of what technology in education can provide (as shown and heard in both videos) for higher learning.

I understand that this is a common problem for many secondary math teachers. Our curriculum is rigid, the concepts are dry, and even hearing it puts some of us to sleep! In a previous post, I talk about the technology I could use in my classroom, but it consisted of the clicker. In my book, this isn't necessarily exciting for students, but it's useful for feedback on how well concepts are sinking in. I'm hoping more technology comes out for secondary education's technology, besides what has been listed, and in the meantime, I'll have an eye out. Great videos, though!

C4K Post #2

Kole from Mrs. Goerend's 5th Grade Class

"My life would be different if there was no First Amendment because I probably wouldn’t be able to go to my church. We probably would only have half of the money we have now because the job payments would be much lower.we would get privileges if something big hashappened.Kids would probably have to help work. People would be more strict about their policy’s. People would get in trouble for making comments that are rude, judgmental, or threatening to or about their leader, etc. Boy I’m glad I didn’t live back then!!! "

Hey Kole! Like Michelle, I’m a student of the University of South Alabama. You made some really good points about life without the first amendment. In retrospect, there are many countries today who don’t have the right to speech or religion. I’m happy that we didn’t live back then too. Since we don’t, we should think of something we could do with this freedom and utilize its potential to the fullest so we can make a difference in the world. I hope you think about it, as I will be.

The Plan for The New World
By: Jared Avery

This is part of my story.
The date is June 26th, 2010. When this all started things were different. A young man named Juan is at a cafe in Chihuahua, Mexico. He is dirt poor and has 1 pair of clothes. He has short brown hair, ginger skin, and a big mouth. He usually steals money from the cash register, when no one looks, or pickpockets and then buys something to eat. It is how he survives. He doesn’t only make his living here but many other places as well. As he sits down he notices two strange men in the corner next to the bathrooms. One is tall and had long brown hair. He is wearing a leather jacket and nice shoes. Standing next to him is a very big muscular man with tattoos tattered across his arms. He had a buzz cut and is very tall.
They are probably a good target thought Juan.
So he crept over there quite and swift, then hid behind a wall. He is well known for eavesdropping and pickpocketing. Sometimes he is hired to do so. He couldn’t help but notice that they are talking about something, something… important. Now it is time to work his magic. as Juan listened close with his acute ears he could hear…
“Are you sure you want to do this Antonio? I mean it’s illegal and all. What if we get caught or worse?” Muttered the second man.
The other’s name must be Antonio thought juan.
“Yes, and we won’t get caught. How many times must I tell you. anyways we will have a group to help us. We are crossing the border whether you like it or not.” says Antonio.
“Okay.” Mumbles The other man.
Then they turn toward the corner in which Juan is hiding and he scurried away.

Hey Jared! I’m a student at the University of South Alabama! I LOVED your story. Keep it up, because I think you have a really great talent for writing. Small critic: remember to capitalize and use punctuation! Overall, it was a very dark piece but well written and a great lead into something better! I’m hooked. Keep up the GREAT work, Jared!

Pt England School: Logan
Why Do We Have Easter

The priest were jealous when Jesus had arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey that his friends have gotten for him . They were jealous of him because they didn't like the ordinary people liking him so much. They were so jealous of they wanted him killed and arrested.
Why do we have easter eggs for easter?? What do they represent ?? What part do easters egg play in easter. We have Easter eggs to help symbolize life being reborn, I got that from a site that i had came across.

Hey, Logan! I'm From USA's University of South Alabama, and I like the way you're questioning things with this blog. I would have loved a link to the site you got your information from, but otherwise, great post! Keep up the GREAT work!