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C4K Post #2

Kole from Mrs. Goerend's 5th Grade Class

"My life would be different if there was no First Amendment because I probably wouldn’t be able to go to my church. We probably would only have half of the money we have now because the job payments would be much lower.we would get privileges if something big hashappened.Kids would probably have to help work. People would be more strict about their policy’s. People would get in trouble for making comments that are rude, judgmental, or threatening to or about their leader, etc. Boy I’m glad I didn’t live back then!!! "

Hey Kole! Like Michelle, I’m a student of the University of South Alabama. You made some really good points about life without the first amendment. In retrospect, there are many countries today who don’t have the right to speech or religion. I’m happy that we didn’t live back then too. Since we don’t, we should think of something we could do with this freedom and utilize its potential to the fullest so we can make a difference in the world. I hope you think about it, as I will be.

The Plan for The New World
By: Jared Avery

This is part of my story.
The date is June 26th, 2010. When this all started things were different. A young man named Juan is at a cafe in Chihuahua, Mexico. He is dirt poor and has 1 pair of clothes. He has short brown hair, ginger skin, and a big mouth. He usually steals money from the cash register, when no one looks, or pickpockets and then buys something to eat. It is how he survives. He doesn’t only make his living here but many other places as well. As he sits down he notices two strange men in the corner next to the bathrooms. One is tall and had long brown hair. He is wearing a leather jacket and nice shoes. Standing next to him is a very big muscular man with tattoos tattered across his arms. He had a buzz cut and is very tall.
They are probably a good target thought Juan.
So he crept over there quite and swift, then hid behind a wall. He is well known for eavesdropping and pickpocketing. Sometimes he is hired to do so. He couldn’t help but notice that they are talking about something, something… important. Now it is time to work his magic. as Juan listened close with his acute ears he could hear…
“Are you sure you want to do this Antonio? I mean it’s illegal and all. What if we get caught or worse?” Muttered the second man.
The other’s name must be Antonio thought juan.
“Yes, and we won’t get caught. How many times must I tell you. anyways we will have a group to help us. We are crossing the border whether you like it or not.” says Antonio.
“Okay.” Mumbles The other man.
Then they turn toward the corner in which Juan is hiding and he scurried away.

Hey Jared! I’m a student at the University of South Alabama! I LOVED your story. Keep it up, because I think you have a really great talent for writing. Small critic: remember to capitalize and use punctuation! Overall, it was a very dark piece but well written and a great lead into something better! I’m hooked. Keep up the GREAT work, Jared!

Pt England School: Logan
Why Do We Have Easter

The priest were jealous when Jesus had arrived in Jerusalem on a donkey that his friends have gotten for him . They were jealous of him because they didn't like the ordinary people liking him so much. They were so jealous of they wanted him killed and arrested.
Why do we have easter eggs for easter?? What do they represent ?? What part do easters egg play in easter. We have Easter eggs to help symbolize life being reborn, I got that from a site that i had came across.

Hey, Logan! I'm From USA's University of South Alabama, and I like the way you're questioning things with this blog. I would have loved a link to the site you got your information from, but otherwise, great post! Keep up the GREAT work!

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