Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project #9: PLN Progress Report

What is a PLN?

A PLN is Personal Learning Network. Its a tool that people (especially teachers) use that organizes their resources and learning tools to help them be more efficient at jobs, tasks, and enjoying hobbies. Tools that can help with a PLN include: Symbaloo ( or Edublog (

How have I started making my PLN?

My PLN (Personal Learning Network) is not as far along as I'd hoped. Much of it consists of Pinterest and pinning interesting websites to my boards and organizing it accordingly. This blog is a really great help with getting me started in building my PLN, but it seems that it isn't far enough along where I want it to be.

Where do I plan on taking my PLN?

There are many areas in which I hope to build up my PLN. I hope to better utilize the above tools and make a PLN specific to Mathematics. I already have several blogs I look at on a regular basis involving mathematics, but I hope to include more TedTalk videos. Twitter isn't my favorite tool, so I'll probably end up dropping it, but networking tools I love include Blogger, Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube. I hope to expand on these tools for future educational usage.

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