Sunday, March 3, 2013

Project #7: C4K


Joseph did a short blog about lightsabers in WW1 and the strategy in weaponry changes that would be made on both sides. He included long, short, and medium ranged weapon comparisons, and even included types on weaponry that would work well against the lightsaber. There were some grammatical errors, like "is is" and "though" vs. "thought. Overall, he had a well thought out argument that was non-biased.

I wanted to leave a fairly thoughtful comment, so I wrote about lightsaber trivia that Star Wars nerds know. As far as I know, only a Jedi may use the lightsaber and I argued that if this is the case, Jedi were also telekinetic and could for see nearly current future events, making the use of any weapon obsolete. However, because we were discussing the lightsaber and not the user's ability, he was completely right in deducing that a flamethrower would be nothing against a lightsaber.

Laura W

"I am going to a birthday party it is a sleep over party it will be fun. and my friends and me are going to have so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much fun.I wish it was my birthday.I am so happy.and so are my friends."

I left a short comment about her party and how I hoped it was as good as she hoped. I added material about how my parties use to go and gave her a few tips on making her up coming birthday party awesome! Overall, her post was short (as you can see), and I did the best I could by expanding.

Leone and Kelly of Room 6

In this C4K section, I was asked to leave a comment on two children's blossoming class blog and a comment on the general class's blog. I think this was a cute idea but I really didn't have that much to comment on. Leone and Kelly didn't have anything on their blog to comment on, so I left a general "Welcome to the Internet". It was nice, and they are adorable!

Savannah from Mrs. Miller's Class

Savannah defined the word "hegemony" and had to use it in a sentence. She defined the word wrong and used it in a sentence wrong. The definition of "hegemony" is:

noun, plural he·gem·o·nies.

1.leadership or predominant influence exercised by one nation over others, as in a confederation.

2.leadership; predominance.

3.(especially among smaller nations) aggression or expansionism by large nations in an effort to achieveworld domination.

She defined it as follows:
hegemony: when somebody abuses their authority over a person

She used it wrong in a sentence according her definition and the right definition, so by bare minimum I left a note about what the right definition is.

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