Sunday, February 10, 2013

Project #3: C4T(Comments for Teachers)


This first post I've read is about a project stemming from the 1920's where students group up and they are looking at interviewing a "character" that comes out of a trial. One student plays the "character"; another plays the "interviewer" and they do an interviewing process about the trial from the character's point of view using a video camera. Everyone must turn in a paper in MLA or APA format about the group's name and information pertaining to a good summary about their project. I professed that giving a student options is nice, but the students (collectively) will bring up differences about the MLA and APA differences, ultimately confusing the students. I suggested that defining which format would be best for the students would be a better idea, because the less of the choices, the better the format, the better the grading process, and the better the outcome of minimal issues it becomes.

Nothing has changed from the previous posts so I had to go to the last post, which was done last year in November. It didn't contain anything of particular use to me, because it was a follow up post to the series of posts about a history project, so my comments were limited, however I was able to leave a comment about how I would like to see the outcome of this project and how well the students responded to it. If it was something that future teachers could incorporate into their lesson plan and prune the rest of their future lesson plans to cater to this one, then maybe it was something worth looking into. There is a site where teachers can be paid by other teachers to share a lesson plan or project; perhaps this is where she's gone?

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