Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blog Post #4


I found this to be a very useful tool in promoting the children's horizon of learning style. I wonder a little about whether or not this is something she does as a research project or as a teacher. It seems to be a very time consuming and drawn out project (which isn't a bad thing) and very engaging. I can see how useful this is in interesting students who are naturally introverted. I know that creating an outlet for these kinds of children are very important, because many of my friends were the same way.

One friend in particular was notorious for being so anti-social with her friends and classmates that she is still that way up to today. I imagine what her future would have looked like if she had something to this degree to help her socialize and create something with classmates and teachers. Don't get me wrong; she's not a bad person today, but she only sees her parents and teachers (because she can't avoid them in school). She constantly gets her food to-go and sits quietly in her room and reads her book while eating. She does what she enjoys, but in reference to Gilmore Girls: who's going to find the body?

This project gives me hope in helping those who need speech therapy (learning about inflection placements), those who want to learn, and those who need socialization. It's a very creative way to get the class involved in the constant learning process and keep school interesting for both the student and teacher. I'm very impressed with the thought process that must have gone into this project. She must have known a great deal would come out of it, but I believe I read somewhere that even she was impress with extra positive results. Overall, great find, and I have subscribed.


  1. What is a "horizon of learning style"? Wordy. Poor choice of words.

    She does this as a teacher.

    Where does she say (or even suggest) that the kids she works with are introverted. She works with kids of all kinds!

    "...but I believe I read somewhere that even she was impress with extra positive results." Where did you read this? impressed, not impress; "extra positive results." is awkward. Why not just positive results or or especially positive results.


  2. You read too much into my review. Subjective.


  3. Hi Alice! I can see where you are coming from when you ask whether she approaches podcasts as a teacher or as someone doing research. I think she does it as a teacher, but I'm sure she has analyzed the results as well.

    I tend to be extremely introverted. I do a little internal panic every time I have to speak with someone I don't know. Personally, I remember doing quite a few group projects, especially throughout elementary school. I'm sure this probably did help my introverted issues somewhat. I'm not big on television, save the Discovery and History Channels. I have heard of Gilmore Girls; however, I, unfortunately, do not understand the reference.

    I think using podcasting projects for speech therapy is a great idea. Impressive. As far as socialization goes, I think it can be very beneficial. I believe it would help more introverted children, and also allow us opportunity to detect any major social issues early.

    You made some good points. Good read, thanks!